A W Tools offer a complete range of flat bits in both the standard 152mm length as well as the 400mm Long Series. All of our flat bits are double ground with twin spurs and a quick release shank.

In addition to our standard flat bits we also offer flat bit sets in pouches as well as flat bit extension rods.

Standard Length Flat Bits

Stock Code Size Length List Price
FB06 6mm 152mm £1.06
FB08 8mm 152mm £1.06
FB10 10mm 152mm £1.06
FB12 12mm 152mm £1.06
FB13 13mm 152mm £1.11
FB14 14mm 152mm £1.26
FB15 15mm 152mm £1.29
FB16 16mm 152mm £1.29
FB18 18mm 152mm £1.37
FB19 19mm 152mm £1.40
FB20 20mm 152mm £1.40
FB22 22mm 152mm £1.40
FB24 24mm 152mm £1.49
FB25 25mm 152mm £1.57
FB26 26mm 152mm £1.60
FB28 28mm 152mm £1.60
FB30 30mm 152mm £1.86
FB32 32mm 152mm £1.97
FB35 35mm 152mm £2.14
FB38 38mm 152mm £2.43
FB40 40mm 152mm £2.77


Long Series Flat Bits

Stock Code Size Length List Price
FB06L 6mm 400mm £2.74
FB08L 8mm 400mm £2.74
FB10L 10mm 400mm £3.06
FB12L 12mm 400mm £3.23
FB13L 13mm 400mm £3.26
FB14L 14mm 400mm £3.31
FB16L 16mm 400mm £3.40
FB18L 18mm 400mm £3.54
FB19L 19mm 400mm £3.63
FB20L 20mm 400mm £3.80
FB22L 22mm 400mm £4.14
FB24L 24mm 400mm £4.40
FB25L 25mm 400mm £4.71
FB26L 26mm 400mm £4.91
FB28L 28mm 400mm £5.23
FB30L 30mm 400mm £5.40
FB32L 32mm 400mm £5.71
FB35L 35mm 400mm £6.63
FB38L 38mm 400mm £7.14


Flat Bit Extensions

Stock Code Description List Price
FBE150 150mm Flat Bit Extension £2.83
FBE300 300mm Flat Bit Extension £3.83
FBE063QR 63mm Quick Release Flat Bit Extension £3.20
FBE150QR 150mm Quick Release Flat Bit Extension £4.40
FBE300QR 300mm Quick Release Flat Bit Extension £5.37

Flat Bit Sets in Fabric Pouches


  Stock Code Description List Price

16pc Flat Bit Set

16pc Flat Bit Set

FBS08 8pc Flat Bit Set £12.11
FBS13 13pc Flat Bit Set £17.80
FBS16 16pc Flat Bit Set £25.03

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