Poly-X Paint and Rust Remover is a brilliant way to prepare any surface for painting quickly and efficiently.

Made from a nylon cord coated in silicon carbide it comes with either a cup wheel for angle grinders, or a spindle for attaching to drills. Easy to use it strips away varnish, rust and paint without damaging the material underneath.

Poly-X Merchandiser

Poly-X Cup Wheels - For use with Angle Grinders

Stock Code Size Angle Grinder Size Bore
CW90 90mm 100mm 16mm
CW100 100mm 115mm 22.2mm
CW115 115mm 125mm 22.2mm
CW125 125mm 150mm 22.2mm
CW150 150mm 180mm 22.2mm
CW180 180mm 230mm 22.2mm

Poly-X Discs with Fixed Spindle for Drills

Stock Code Size Spindle Size
DAF100 100mm 6mm
DAF125 125mm 6mm

Poly-X Plain Discs with Universal Arbor for Drills

Stock Code Size Bore Arbor Type
DAD6301A 63mm 6mm STUBBY 6mm
DAD6302A 2 x 63mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD10001A 100mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD10002A 2 x 100mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD11501A 115mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD11502A 2 x 115mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD12501A 125mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD12502A 2 x 125mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD15001A 150mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD15002A 2 x 150mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD18001A 180mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm
DAD18002A 2 x 180mm 13mm UNIVERSAL 6.35mm


Poly-X Blue Cup Wheels for Angle Grinders

Stock Code Size Angle Grinder Size Bore
CW100B 100mm 115mm 22.2mm
CW115B 115mm 125mm 22.2mm




The tougher “Blue” version of POLY-X is designed for extended life on harder materials such as stone, brick, weld splatters etc. Professionals in the engineering and renovation industries find the “Blue” a cost effective alternative to the standard Black.

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